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Northstar Achievements Northstar Achievements ABA Therapy

Spring 2014


Northstar Achievements is a Colorado Springs area business that provides effective research based behavior analytic servicesĀ to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities. They came to Incline Digital with the need to fill their schedule with children and families in need of their services. We took a look at their market and knew that we could get their phones ringing. We started with a responsive and fresh website redesign that stood out from their competition, which consists of mainly large corporate medical offices. The website also gives great information, most of her traffic is looking for a step-by-step guide after learning that their child is on the Autism Spectrum. This informative content is made up of the types of services that are provided, a glossary of terms used in the disorders and treatments as well as a library of helpful links to learn more and of course how to get started, funded by insurance providers and getting started with their therapy. Ranking for organic key search terms was key, the old site was one page 3 or more for all of our targets, which was not converting. Now, Northstar Achievements ranks top 5 on page 1 for our targets and they are looking at a packed schedule! Here is our testimonial from are lovely client Laurie Lum:

“Before Incline Digital worked on our SEO, our website was nearly impossible to find with a standard search. Now we are page 1 or 2 for local searches of our industry. Our website visits have literally increased exponentially, Incline Digital helped to put us on the map in our market. We Thank you!!!”

Laurie Lum BCBA M.A. Ed